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Highschool / Adults (9th Grade – Adult)

OKC’s Karate for High School/Adults (9th Grade – Adult)

It’s never too late to learn the art of self-defense. Students find our techniques very easy to learn AND very effective.  Our style incorporates elements from many major martial art styles so that our students stay motivated and interested in attaining the ultimate goal – an OKC Black Belt!  Here is what our program offers that makes OKC second to none:picTeensTakedownLrg

  • Convenient class times/affordably priced
  • OKC Karate Classes are a FULL HOUR in length
  • No contracts, plus our OKC Tuition Guarantee
  • Monthly sparring seminars
  • Opportunities to become involved in our OKC Leadership Program
  • Eligibility for Black Belt Club Membership at 3rd kyu/brown belt level.
  • Access to specialized seminars in kata, traditional weaponry, and more!

Call us today to receive a FREE LESSON/NO OBLIGATION!  Your best way to find out about the Orange Karate Center is to come in, meet our staff and give karate a try!

It’s so easy to set up your appointment.  Simply call us at: (714) 306-4229.

See you in class!


 “I started studying karate as an adult in 1994.  When my son expressed an interest in karate we decided to enroll him at OKC based both on reputation and recommendations.  Shortly after he started I found out that OKC offered an adult class in the evenings.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the adult class had students with a wide range of experience so I fit right in.  Some had also come from other styles of martial art.  We practice and perfect the basics, but also incorporate more “universal” martial arts exercises that sharpen reflexes and skills.  I very much appreciate the “spirit” of both respect and learning at OKC.  It is exactly what I started studying martial arts for in the first place and I imagine that both my son and I will call OKC our martial arts “home” for years to come.”
– Dean Thomas