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OKC Student Highlight Page


OKC’s Recognition of Our Students’ Acts of Charity / Generosity Well Done!

OKC takes great pride in the work we do with each of our students to instill a sense of caring and responsibility for their community. Whether it is through the many charity events we sponsor throughout the year or individual acts of kindness and service demonstrated by our students, we believe these are something to celebrate!

Please take a moment to read the journal, kept by Sempai Seth, OKC 1st Kyu Brown Belt, detailing the works of service he voluntarily participated in over the summer. We were very inspired by Seth’s commitment and generosity of spirit – we hope you will be too!


Youth Group Service Trip-2015 – Reframe

By Seth


SUNDAY – Arrival

Sunday was the day that we left church and we went to San Diego. Once we got to San Diego, we got familiar with our surroundings. Then we played a few games, like Ninja and GoFish. Dinner was great because we had lasagna. We played a lot more games after dinner, even if they were the same games. After that we went to Evening program, so we sang and danced. Then we met our crews. I was in Crew 5 and met three new people. I knew one person in the crew because he is in my youth group, his name is Anthony. The new people I met were, Carlie, Lauren, and my leader’s name was Carolyn. Then we all got to know each other and bonded a little bit. Then one of the staff members read us a “‘bedtime story”, it was called “I’m a Manatee.” Then we all went back to our rooms and to sleep.


MONDAY – The Warehouse

When my crew left for the warehouse, we all bonded in the car. Once we got there we were asked to move boxes and pack bags. We moved boxes to a van that was going to a food pantry and we packed at least 750 bags! The bags were full of canned goods, except every 20 bags or so one of them would break. We didn’t do much that day except for bag cans. So then we ate lunch and did our crew devotion. Then we went back and packed more bags and loaded the bags into two vans parked outside. Then we just went back and did what we did on Sunday.


TUESDAY – The Food Pantry

After morning program and breakfast we packed lunches and headed to the car and to the food pantry. Once we got there, my crew and I helped pack food for the needy. Once the people had started flooding into line we all got ready ro help them. Us and another crew got ready and manned our stations. Two boys from the other crew helped with the essentials (cereal, lentils, milk, etc.). Two girls from the other crew got boxes for the people to put their stuff in. Lauren and Carlie helped people with what they could choose to get in the breads, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. The crew leaders prayed for the people, and Anthony and me helped the people carry their food to their cars. Once the people stopped coming in we went outside and ate lunch.

Then we met this couple on the way out who had just moved from the east coast. The man, wife, and their three children had been living in San Diego for a year and they didn’t make much money, but they kept saying how they always were able to buy groceries and pay their rent on time. They kept saying how God is so good, and He really is. Then we all prayed for the couple and children and said our goodbyes. After the work day was over we headed back and did our nightly routine.


WEDNESDAY – The Canyon

After waking up, we ate breakfast, had our morning program, and packed lunches then we went to work. Once we got to the Canyon the three groups were assigned different parts. One group was assigned weeding and bush trimming, the second building the unfinished trail they were trying to complete, and our crew was assigned to forge the river for “treasures” othem’ise known as trash. We all had to put on gloves and get a grabber to grab trash. So we forded the river and examined and brought in broken trains, DVD players, motherboards, plastic bags, you name it we found it! I actually found and brought back home a whiffle bat. Anthony brought home a plastic dolphin that he named Hurley. After that affair we had to sanitize our hands and eat lunch. After lunch it was back into the river! We didn’t find much else other that plastic bags and some shopping carts. After that we helped the weeding team weed and pluck over-extended branches. Then there was nothing else to do so we bode farewell and went back to base eamp. Then it was just like Tuesday. Games, dinner, evening program, get ready for bed, story, lights out.


THURSDAY –  The Canyon-Take Two

Thursday was the second day in the canyon, except this time we met a ranger instead of the trail manager. The ranger told us that we should be able to finish the trail today. We set off to work. An hour passed bye with just wheeling wood chips in wheelbarrows from the edge of the trail to the wood chip piles. Then everybody switched jobs so I shoveled the wood chips from the piles into the wheelbarrows for another hour. Then we switched roles again so my group leader and I carried big bags full of wood chips to and frow from the edge of the trail to the piles. During that time Carolyn and I got to know each other a lot better than we did before. We eventually got to a point that we had to switch to piles a lot farther down the path. About twelve people were shoveling and the rest were raking the wood chips dumped by the bags and wheelbarrows to form the path. The rest of us were shoveling. It was a good hour and a half of shoveling, carrying, and raking the wood chips to finish the trail. I think by the end of the work everyone was so exhausted that we were about to fall over. But we managed to finish! It only took several hours and tons of back stamina. We said goodbye to the ranger and his assistant Carman. After we got back into the van our group leader treated us to slushies. We found a nice parking lot to eat our lunch at. and thats where we ate our lunch. We then headed back to HQ. During the evening program, we had to say goodbye to each other. So that was sad. Then we got ready for bed and listened to the bedtime story. Then we went to bed.


FRIDAY – Going Home

Today was the day we got to go home! Everyone in my youth group was super sad that we had to leave. But we were all super thrilled to go back home! Once we all got back we were all happy to see our parents and slept in the car on the way home.